BATRAW Semi-annual General Assembly

What an eventful week! 🤩

Our semi-annual General Assembly has taken place near Lyon on Wednesday and Thursday last week 📆😎
Thanks @MTB for hosting it and showing us your facilities

Summing up this crucial event:

🚗 EV module shipments assessed for safety and best practices

🤖 Semi-automated dismantling line in construction

⚙️ Mechanical pretreatment with enhanced selectivity & purity

🔄️ Hydrometallurgical process optimized for CRM recovery

🔍 Validation of precursors for new manufacturing

🛂 LCA, business models & #battery passport


💡 Innovation workshops and more policy paper soon


Thank you all:

💠 @BeePlanet Factory, @Commissariat a l’Energie Atomique et aux Energies Alternatives, @CEPS (Centre for European Policy Studies), @CESVIMAP, @COMANAI Smarter Engineering, @Ford Otosan, @Fraunhofer IWKS, @INDUMETAL RECYCLING SA, @Isle Utilities, @Leitat Technological Center, @Minespider, @MTB, @Orano, @POSCO, @Recyclia/Ecopilas, @Renault Group, @TORRECID, S.A. 💠

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