The new EU Framework Batteries Regulation is out!

📢 News for the BATRAW project coming from the EC: The new EU Framework Batteries Regulation is out!

📢 Last Friday, the EU Parliament and Council reached a provisional agreement to overhaul EU rules on #batteries, which now needs to be formally adopted.

👉 This EU Framework Batteries Regulation focuses on batteries to be easier to remove and replace, and consumers better informed.

⚡️🔋♻️ Greener, durable, circular… Powering the batteries of the future!

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👉 What is it about?

▶️ Stronger #sustainability, performance and labelling requirements
▶️ Due diligence policy to address social and environmental risks
▶️ More stringent targets for waste collection, #recycling efficiency and material recovery
▶️ Portable batteries in appliances will be easier to replace

For the BATRAW Consortium it’s an exciting and guiding moment, as this team work on a digital battery passport to meet the requirements of the upcoming EU Battery Regulation.

These regulations are set to soon become mandatory for all newly purchased stationary storage, batteries in vehicles and larger industrial batteries in Europe.

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