Unveiling Synergy: A groundbreaking collaboration with IndustriAmbiente

BATRAW has reached a new milestone by being featured in the pages of the prestigious environmental magazine IndustriAmbiente. The project, which has established itself as a pioneer in sustainable practices, continues to set the standard for responsible EV battery management.

The press release recently published in IndustriAmbiente highlights the project’s significant achievements in terms of technological innovation, operational efficiency, and concrete contributions to reducing the environmental footprint.

The visibility at IndustriAmbiente underlines the project’s recognition as a benchmark in the field of EV battery recycling, consolidating its position as a key player in the transition to greener mobility.

Learn more: https://www.industriambiente.com/articulos/20231218/avances-del-proyecto-batraw-para-recuperar-materias-primas-criticas-de-baterias-de-vehiculo-electrico

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