Last contributions of the year…

It is the most wonderful time of the month, let’s see what our partners have made during the last few months.


Let’s take a closer look at Comanai‘s contributions.

Over the last few months, Comanai has witnessed an extraordinary expansion of its project. Recognising the pivotal role of communications, not only within European projects, but also for the optimal functioning of their entire business, they proactively sought collaboration with the esteemed communications and marketing company, iLUNE, for invaluable support and guidance.


This strategic alliance has proved instrumental in catapulting Comanai into the limelight across various media platforms. One notable achievement is a prominent feature in a widely circulated newspaper in Navarra, Spain, which showcased the scale of their efforts. Comanai has also been diligently engaging with its audience on LinkedIn, meticulously updating them on the importance of the BATRAW project and sharing its latest triumphs.


As a testament to their commitment to wider outreach, Comanai will be attending upcoming events, demonstrating a proactive approach to networking and community engagement. They will also take the initiative to organise bespoke events, demonstrating their commitment to fostering connections and disseminating information about their impactful projects. The future holds great promise as Comanai continues to navigate the realms of communication and strategic collaboration, ensuring a lasting imprint on both European projects and their corporate landscape.

Comanai presenting BATRAW at the NEXUS event.

Moving on with Fraunhofer:

The German company is currently investigating the fate of fluorine and phosphorus in lithium-ion battery recycling wastewater. This underlines not only their commitment to both technological advancement and environmental responsibility, but also that of the project.


In the context of WP 4, we report a significant milestone: over 80 kg of black mass extracted from shredded battery material supplied by ACCUREC. After a meticulous process of mixing with water, stirring, and sieving, the sedimented black mass is now awaiting shipment to ORANO in barrels with residual water.

The black mass, wet-sieved in barrels, ready for its next phase.

In collaboration with Indumetal, Fraunhofer IWKS treated consumer batteries on site using electrohydraulic fragmentation (EHF) and wet sieving. Coarse fractions, excluding the black mass, are sent to Indumetal for sorting experiments.

A before and after of consumer batteries after the transformative EHF treatment.


As we navigate the landscape of technological innovation and sustainability, these initiatives not only demonstrate our adaptability, but also reaffirm our commitment to advancing knowledge and contributing to societal progress. The journey continues, with each partner contributing to the growth of our project.

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