Experience the remarkable strides achieved by two BATRAW partners during these initial months

To provide a comprehensive glimpse into the project’s advancements, we aim to showcase various significant milestones accomplished by two of our partnering entities over the course of the initial period. Now, is the time for BeePlanet and Recyclia’s contributions.

Let’s start with BeePlanet.

BEEPLANET is a company based in Navarre (Spain), specialised in the development of technological projects that contribute to the success of the implementation of sustainable energy storage and renewable energies.

In accordance with the tasks assigned to WP2 of the BATRAW project, BeePlanet has carried out the development of a complete Second Life methodology to evaluate the reusability of EV batteries. A first prototype has been designed with second-life batteries that meet the technical characteristics required by the battery modules used.

In parallel to the design process, an end-of-product-line procedure was defined to meet the quality and safety requirements of the lithium battery reuse process.

In addition, following both the product development process and the tasks related to WP3, a procedure will be developed to evaluate the quality of the different components and their sustainability to be part of Second Life products.

All these activities will be developed within a circular economy framework, which advocates maximum reuse of products and is in line with the philosophy and main objectives of both the BATRAW project and BeePlanet.

On the other hand, we have RECYCLIA’s contributions to the project. We will divide them according to the two WPs they have been working on.

First of all, they have been working on the guideline for the handling and transport of battery packs, which they have to deliver for WP2 next year.  But their main contribution to the project is the communication and dissemination activities.

As the leader of the WP8 Communication, Dissemination and Exploitation activities, the company has developed the entire online ecosystem of the project and created the physical materials that partners use in their events.

During the first month they worked on the first deliverable of the work package, detailing their strategy for C, D & E throughout the project. This scope guide included guidelines, materials, tools, logos, instructions, etc.

After all this work, Recyclia started to communicate to the world the activities carried out, the objectives and the main benefits that our EU-funded project could bring not only to the European society but to the whole world population. They also attended the Spanish Sustainable Development Summit CONAMA and presented the project to people who might be interested.

To sum up these months of hard work, the social media accounts and the web have grown in number of users and have achieved a significant engagement. As you will see later on Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube, several posts, photos, videos, and documents have been published. The aim is for people to understand what we do, what we want to achieve and what our environmental goals are.

Recyclia is also planning to release the first newsletter later this month and many more posts to engage users in the BATRAW project.

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