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September contributions

This is the end of an era, we have completed our calendar of contributions and, since the start of the project, each partner has submitted their progress updates every month.

But do not be sad, an end is only a beginning, we will continue working to bring you fresh contributions every month, as always!

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July contributions

This month we offer you a round-up of the progresses and results of another three of our partners: CEA, CESVIMAP and Fraunhofer.

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June contributions

As every month, we bring you news about the project from some of our partners. This time, it is the turn of two major companies who have been working so hard since the project began: Comanai and Ford Otosan. Let’s get started!

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Launching the BATRAW project

Funded through the Horizon Europe Programme and due to the strategic importance of the European Union reducing its dependence on critical raw material imports, the BATRAW project will help guarantee a stable supply chain to support the expected growth in the electric mobility market.

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